What is the key trait a CEO should have? Outside of the ethical/moral ones, many desired traits oppose one another. One person says passionate, the other says logical. Another says “Driven” and yet another says “Patient”. Who is right? It cannot be answered with certainty, as it is a subjective question.

There are a core group of skills that most great CEO’s share. I believe the true gauge is measured by closer or farther. Does the CEO do things that bring the company closer to its goals, or push it farther from them within the constraints of the core values and purpose of the company?

This is the same in life, relationships, etc. We want people that lead to have the ability to consider the bigger picture and make decisions based on the overall goals. Will this action bring me closer to my God/spouse/business goals/ etc or push me farther from them? 

Closer or farther. It is really a way of life. It converts subjective situations into more objective ones. It establishes a structure that breaks things down into a simple question that demands a 360 degree perspective before responding. Usually identifying a couple of additional tasks that need to be completed to ensure that the decision’s risks are properly addressed. 

I hope you move closer to your goals today.