How do you respond with quick thinking solutions and resources when a car crashes through a storefront.


A client who schedules preventative maintenance and national rollouts had a critical facility emergency.  A car had driven right into one of their locations, causing tremendous damage to the front of the building and structure.  The facility was not only exposed to the elements, but merchandise was left unprotected.  The client needed Resicom to react expeditiously so that the facility was sealed, repaired and ready to reopen and resume business in less than two days. 

Scope of the Work

  1. Immediate assembly of emergency crew for project logistics briefing; scheduled to arrive onsite no later than that evening.
  2. Acquire cargo can to acquire and deliver all the proper material and tools.
  3. Remove, replace and dispose of damaged metal panels on storefront exterior.
  4. Repaint entire storefront so that new panels match.
  5. Complete all project execution by 10 a.m. the following morning.



The constraints of the project included: 

  1. When the emergency call was received, technicians had already been assigned jobs and were in transit.  
  2. The metal siding that is needed for repair can only be sourced from Dallas, Texas. 
  3. The storefront paint outlined in the specification is only available in St. Louis, MO. 
  4. All company cargo vans were currently assigned to other projects.  



Our solution to this project included:

  1. The operations department reacted quickly to identify which two technicians are best suited for this particular job.
  2. Projects currently being executed are reorganized with additional manpower reallocated so that no delivery is sacrificed.
  3. Local technician in Dallas picks up the siding and drives it to the project site to expedite turnaround.
  4. A cargo van is rented for two days.
  5. The storefront paint was picked up by the crew while in transit to the project location in Little Rock, AR.


At Resicom we understand the frustrations that a client may experience during emergency situations. Execution of projects often requires quick thinking along with flexible, creative options.  Taking initiative to present innovative solutions, especially in time sensitive emergency situations is key.  It should be normal that clients can re-opening their facility as quickly as possible after a disaster.