What Not To Fix

Deciding what will have the biggest brand impact.

The needs of stores will almost always exceed their budget’s capabilities. Therefore, there will be more items to repair than can be fixed. This catalyzes the decision making process into one where one must decide, with confidence, “What Not To Fix”.

Not all projects are created equal. At the center of the decision making process is “What is the impact to the customer’s shopping experience?” Facilty Managers need a tool that helps them weigh projects importance and priority levels based on this experience. We call this tool the “Discernment Lens”.

Focusing your maintenance dollars

A “Discernment Lens” helps you navigate the battle of what to repair, what not to repair, and what repair to delay. The outcome of this battle should be options that will make the biggest positive impact of each maintenance dollar. Here are elements to consider when building a Discernment Lens.

How do you identify what not to fix? This is one of the most perplexing questions for facility professionals. It lives in the gray space between what you must fix and what you would like to fix. Consider Safety, Compliance, and your Shopper’s Experience.

Deciding when to fix is very important. Some less obvious items to consider are Uncontrolled Influences (such as availability of material, skilled labor, etc), Company Influences (items of focus by the executive team), and the Cost of doing nothing.

How do you identify what to innovate? How you answer this has a major impact on how effectively you innovate. The whole purpose of innovating is to deliver value. We have broken down value into three limited resources – time, money, and sanity. Yes, sanity is a limited resource and protecting can help you make a bigger impact.

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