How can you better connect today’s information to tomorrows challenges ?

Perform more effectively

Develop programs that are effective and easily managed

Information is typically useless until it is converted into actionable knowledge. Just because different technicians are completing a similar project in a different city does not mean that there is not project experience to leverage. Consider how much more effective you could be if your process improved every time a project was completed.

Here are some benefits of aligning your knowledge bank with your brand goals:

  1. Protected Spend. Save time and money with standardized pricing.
  2. Efficient Project Completion. Use store-specific knowledge to limit disruption.
  3. Fostered Innovation. Review and adapt based on knowledge acquired during the previous time period.

Building a process for success

 Leak Management

Effective leak management involves a consistent, repeatable process that keeps people properly informed. By supporting the process with thorough documentation, it is easier to bring your location back into brand standard while holding responsible parties accountable.

Bundled Services Program

Bundling services is an important component of many successful maintenance programs. Limiting disruption on the sales floor while creating cost saving efficiencies, helps you ensure your budget dollars are making their biggest impact.


Rollouts, refreshes and retrofits are often prompted by design changes, age of a facility and legal compliance. They might be as simple as swapping out fixtures to more effectively display merchandise or as involved as changing all the finishes in the facility. Developing a comprehensive plan is key to successful rollouts. Reducing the number of variables, putting together daily goals and proper auditing are all part of the plan.


Thought catalysts:

What frequent repairs can you establish standardized pricing for?

What technician ‘how to repair’ procedures can you streamline?

What do you wish you knew about each location?


“Apply yourself. Get all the education you can, but then, by God, do something. Don’t just stand there, make something happen.” — Lee Iacocca