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Plow King!

On February 9, 2011 By

Steve Wipfler you are our plow king!  Mother nature hasn’t been too kind lately sending over 2 feet of snow.  When the rest of us were hunkered down and staying warm, you were out not only plowing our parking lots, but driving around to help neighbors and residents.   Thank you for your […]

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My outlook on life changed radically by becoming the leader of a company. It took me a while to catch on to what was happening to me. I learned how important the path was to the destination.

My answers were being sought out. Critical thinking was a strength of mine. People would ask my thoughts […]

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Throughput Success
Six Sigma is an approach to improving the quality of products and services that are made using a process.  Almost every business can benefit from systematizing their approach (the company’s “way of doing things”) into a process.  And, Six Sigma is a way to reveal improvement opportunities within that process.


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One of the biggest time wasters is to spend time on something without putting in the effort.  This approach also tends to lead to not meeting the objectives of the task at hand.

Going through the motions can be an extremely frustrating and unproductive occurrence in a company.  It often results in:

Lower productivity Higher […]

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A growing company is like a rubber band.  It must be flexible and stretch as it grows from something smaller into something larger – growing from good to great.

If the team is not willing or able to grow as quickly as the company is willing or able to grow, then one of two things […]

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The Culturist

On January 1, 2011 By

Laurie Ledonne is the epitome of Resicom. She is adaptive, smart, creative, loyal, and principled. Her approach to building our company’s personnel is inspiring. She has a knack of recruiting talented people, seeing where they could flourish, then putting them in the position to succeed. Her skills have redefined normal for me.
I am […]

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That’s the first question you usually ask of someone new whether at a backyard BBQ or a black tie affair.

It’s a question ingrained in polite conversation.  But what if when meeting someone new, that person put forth the effort to understand you, and not just what your hands do for a living. […]

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Not So Fast…

On July 9, 2010 By

So many people are in a rush – to get somewhere, to get something done, to clear their list of things to do. We live in an efficiency driven world. This is understandable, as it gives us the satisfaction of accomplishing something. My struggles with this are when people are so focused on getting the […]

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How can I make everyone my life touches happier? It should be normal for me to help others have better lives and make a positive impact or impression on them. Sometimes it is a simple as giving feedback and encouragement. Other ways include acknowledging how someone feels, teaching them. My favorite way is by listening […]

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The Need to Achieve

On June 27, 2010 By

All human beings want to achieve things. They want and need to feel like they have accomplished something. It could be normal to define what success looks like, then set out to accomplish it. This brings self worth and dignity. How can we help others clarify and achieve their goals?

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