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How can preventative maintenance structure apply to brand details?


A national retailer has synthetic greenery and plants strategically placed throughout each store.  The placement and use of plants plays a significant role in their overall branding, and even the way fronds hang must be staged according to specific directions.  The cleaning company being […]

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Brand Protection

On January 5, 2011 By

Restaurants, retailers, hoteliers and property managers all invest time, talent and of course expense to ensure that their customer experience is just that- an experience. Consumers have a myriad of choices on where to shop, dine, spend and stay.  This leads to even higher expectations, especially when customers  award their loyalty to a […]

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What is SMARTplan?

SMARTplan is a component of the SMARTspend program that integrates SMARTvisit and SMARTscope. It combines the preventative, bundled approach to the on-demand component, effectively absorbing work orders into on demand visits.

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What is a SMARTvisit?

The SMARTvisit is a component of the program that answers the question “How can I get more value from each on-demand work order?” It should be normal for a company to maximize value delivered on each interaction. To accomplish this, we need to:

Create a specific checklist of things to be […]

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No facility manager wants to be blind-sided; it’s expensive and aggravating. Preventing problems before they happen saves sanity, time, and money.

Planned inspections provide consistency to protect your brand. Here is a link about how turning prevention into a repeatable process boosts visibility, efficiency and is more cost effective.

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Two for the Matinee

On November 9, 2010 By

An entertainment company owns movie theaters throughout the country, many of which were purchased from original owners.  While each theater has unique characteristics and nostalgic styling, few meet today’s ADA compliance standards.  The client needed a sliding tray installed in a ticket booth and the counter access retrofitted to meet current height guidelines.

Scope of the […]

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ADA regulations impact almost every part of the way a retail business functions – from the width of its aisles to the height of its counters. There are dozens of potential violations a retailer faces. There are groups popping up around the country who aim to exploit violations through lawsuits.

This summer, Attorney General Eric […]

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How does changing a 9-volt battery save a facility hundreds of dollars later?

A national retailer needed a systematic inspection of their facilities.  During these visits, it was determined including a procedure to check the battery in the exit door alarm system could prevent a more costly on-demand work ticket when the battery failed.

Scope […]

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Humans have always pursued improved solutions to their problems. Think of the transformations we have experienced in transportation between 1900 and 1970. We witnessed the transformation from horse and rail transport, to automobile, then flight, and eventually rocket propelled space exploration. It could be normal to… take everyday challenges and opportunities, and create extraordinary solutions.

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Finding Focus

On June 24, 2010 By

Guard your time like it is a valuable asset. People know when you quit listening. You cannot fake it. Good listening takes commitment. Be careful of how many people you commit to listen to. Otherwise your time will disappear and you will become ineffective. It could be normal to filter out the white noise and […]

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