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Explain WHY before the WHAT

Being defined by what we do limits understanding and communication opportunities.  We remove this constraint by focusing on WHY we do things before we explain WHAT we do.  Below is an example of how Resicom has adopted this non-limiting behavior in our company.

Example:  Our Elevator Pitch

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In the blog post “Leadership – Process Enhancement Overview” we explore the difference between quick fixes and more sustainable solutions.  Below are some questions that can help you identify some of these sustainable solutions.

What are we doing that used to work but doesn’t work any more? What are the critical steps to […]

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Cure vs Remedy
Businesses struggle with balancing risk and reward.  Many times, leaders or managers are drawn to installing band-aids over issues.  The logic is easy to follow – the company experienced an injury because of an error, and then an additional step is placed on the workflow meant to eliminate the risk of […]

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Certain roles carry levels of authority – like a parent, manager, or president. This authority is one dimensional, and can be easily disregarded. Unlike power, authority is typically “given” and carries rules in a way that does not ensure buy-in.

Power or influence is earned. It is three dimensional, connecting the mind, body, and soul. […]

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Creating the Leadership Team on the organizational chart is important in building organizational clarity. Here are specific basic disciplines of business:

Sales/Marketing HR Operations Technology Finance/Admin

Businesses may have some of these broken out separately, or combine others as their business size and needs dictate. These roles are typically filled by people with strong organizational […]

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