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Many leaders struggle with work/life balance. Many times parts of our lives are sacrificed for the betterment of another. The problem is that we often do not return to build up the sacrificed areas. This exercise will help you identify where you are at and help you put in place activities that bring you your […]

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Explain WHY before the WHAT

Being defined by what we do limits understanding and communication opportunities.  We remove this constraint by focusing on WHY we do things before we explain WHAT we do.  Below is an example of how Resicom has adopted this non-limiting behavior in our company.

Example:  Our Elevator Pitch

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Communication Tips (SERIES)

Tip #15. Focus

Messages that have multiple calls to action can be confusing for our audience. We can eliminate this confusion narrowing our focus on one call to action at a time. Be mindful of those things that can remove focus from the main objective of our communication.

Common Distractors:

Large, prominent […]

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True value comes in the questions that are asked, not the answers that are given.  More insights can be gleaned by asking questions for deeper understanding.  Below are examples of how you can use questions to gain deeper insights.

In what situations do I leave my team feeling that I don’t understand them? When I’m […]

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Internal communications keep the company’s team current on the happenings within the organization. Typical forms of this communication are newsletters, company updates, and memos from upper management. These play the role of delivering a message. The other, informal forms of communication are the ones that reinforce this message. These are the ones that are powerful. […]

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Creating the Leadership Team on the organizational chart is important in building organizational clarity. Here are specific basic disciplines of business:

Sales/Marketing HR Operations Technology Finance/Admin

Businesses may have some of these broken out separately, or combine others as their business size and needs dictate. These roles are typically filled by people with strong organizational […]

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