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We have important (at least we think so) things to say, but sometimes run into a wall for ideas of where to start.

I have created a “cheat sheet” that helps me generate ideas. Since each of my posts has a specific purpose, I have organized these categories to help get me unstuck.
Quick […]

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True value comes in the questions that are asked, not the answers that are given.  More insights can be gleaned by asking questions for deeper understanding.  Below are examples of how you can use questions to gain deeper insights.

In what situations do I leave my team feeling that I don’t understand them? When I’m […]

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My outlook on life changed radically by becoming the leader of a company. It took me a while to catch on to what was happening to me. I learned how important the path was to the destination.

My answers were being sought out. Critical thinking was a strength of mine. People would ask my thoughts […]

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Throughput Success
Six Sigma is an approach to improving the quality of products and services that are made using a process.  Almost every business can benefit from systematizing their approach (the company’s “way of doing things”) into a process.  And, Six Sigma is a way to reveal improvement opportunities within that process.


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In the blog post “Leadership – Process Enhancement Overview” we explore the difference between quick fixes and more sustainable solutions.  Below are some questions that can help you identify some of these sustainable solutions.

What are we doing that used to work but doesn’t work any more? What are the critical steps to […]

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Cure vs Remedy
Businesses struggle with balancing risk and reward.  Many times, leaders or managers are drawn to installing band-aids over issues.  The logic is easy to follow – the company experienced an injury because of an error, and then an additional step is placed on the workflow meant to eliminate the risk of […]

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Tension Tolerance

Tension Tolerance refers to a leader’s ability to absorb tension.  The source of the tension may be  related to conflict amongst team members, project deadlines, or workflow processes.  In each of these situations, a leader has the choice to grow stronger from the conflict or grow weaker because of it.
A leader […]

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A Rose by Any Other Name…

Failure – It’s a commonly accepted truism – We learn more from our failures than from our successes.  But how do we benefit from these lessons learned?  How can we tell that we learned anything at all?

And why are failures viewed as being bad???

We have a way […]

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Recovering from a Suspension
Following a suspension, it is important to be clear about your desired outcomes.  Almost universally, the desired outcome for this suspended employee is that he/she comes back:

Confident Committed Ready to work

Leaders can direct the tone of this transition period.  Below are a few tips on ensuring that you […]

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So you Think you can Lead…

The final step in building raving followers is showing that you care about your team.

It is extremely difficult for a team member to be motivated to go above and beyond for a leader if that leader shows no care for his/her team members.  Without an evidence that a […]

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