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UIC announces a special event from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. The program will clarify the differences among types of intellectual property and explain how inventors, writers, artists, and businesses can use the resources of the USPTO to protect their ideas. The program is free, however advanced registration is required. Please call (312) 747-4400 to […]

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John Fairclough, Resicom CEO

Resicom Founder and CEO John Fairclough has been inducted into the Chicago Area Entrepreneurship Hall of Fame!

Joining the ranks of entrepreneurs twice his age, Fairclough was honored with the induction on Thursday, February 24th at the Chicago Hilton.  The Institute for Entrepreneurial Studies (IES) of the University of […]

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Sometimes are dreams get put on hold. The things that give us great joy get put on the side to take care of other things. The problem is, we can lose sight of our dreams and our happiness can become elusive.

This exercise helps you examine what you’d do if suddenly you had an opportunity […]

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John Fairclough will be judging the Coleman Center’s annual DePaul University New Venture Challenge held February 4th to the 14th.  The judges, selected amongst Chicago entrepreneurs, will determine which DePaul student has best met the challenge of an introducing an innovating new venture interest.

The New Venture Challenge […]

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True value comes in the questions that are asked, not the answers that are given.  More insights can be gleaned by asking questions for deeper understanding.  Below are examples of how you can use questions to gain deeper insights.

In what situations do I leave my team feeling that I don’t understand them? When I’m […]

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Throughput Success
Six Sigma is an approach to improving the quality of products and services that are made using a process.  Almost every business can benefit from systematizing their approach (the company’s “way of doing things”) into a process.  And, Six Sigma is a way to reveal improvement opportunities within that process.


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Tension Tolerance

Tension Tolerance refers to a leader’s ability to absorb tension.  The source of the tension may be  related to conflict amongst team members, project deadlines, or workflow processes.  In each of these situations, a leader has the choice to grow stronger from the conflict or grow weaker because of it.
A leader […]

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A Rose by Any Other Name…

Failure – It’s a commonly accepted truism – We learn more from our failures than from our successes.  But how do we benefit from these lessons learned?  How can we tell that we learned anything at all?

And why are failures viewed as being bad???

We have a way […]

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So you Think you can Lead…
No, this is not a press release for a new reality TV series.  There are, however, three tests to see if your team considers you a leader or just a manager.

The first test is if your team believes that you know what you are doing.

Your team […]

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High Authority and Low Influence = Mediocrity Gap
The difference between high authority and low influence creates what we call the “Mediocrity Gap.”   Followers disconnect from their leader when they feel obligated rather than motivated to do something.

Duty vs Responsibility
The obligation comes from performing out of a sense of duty […]

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