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One of the biggest time wasters is to spend time on something without putting in the effort.  This approach also tends to lead to not meeting the objectives of the task at hand.

Going through the motions can be an extremely frustrating and unproductive occurrence in a company.  It often results in:

Lower productivity Higher […]

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A business is often thought of only in terms of the product or service offered.  But what differentiates a business from success into significance isn’t the product – it’s the plan.

The bold pursuit of what normal should be is about businesses relying on structure rather than success.

At first that idea may not […]

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A business owner starts with an idea and a destination in mind.  Guiding a business toward that goal is a series of steps and sometimes missteps.

The bold pursuit of what normal could be is about getting better at those things that matter to the individual business owner.

Learning to ask questions to gain understanding […]

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Normalcy Defined

On January 5, 2011 By

Resicom believes in the bold pursuit of what normal could be.

For us, it’s a mindset.

Imagine a company that focuses on asking questions to understand others.   Communication becomes a connection between people whether clients, employees, or vendors.  When understanding is achieved, that knowledge can be used to create options to empower […]

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A recent online article outed certain big box retailers for their elusive adherence to price match policies. A Gallup poll cites only 19% of Americans have “confidence in big business”. ABC news reported more and more employees experience what they consider to be disregarded verbal contracts on the part of their employer, but simply […]

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