Case Study

What do you do when a school calls with mysterious pools of water in the halls?

Project Overview

A school contacted Resicom to respond to standing water that had pooled in a high traction hallway.  The client needed rapid response to avert any safety hazard posed to students and faculty, while minimizing damage to the building structure itself.  Resicom’s ability to quickly respond with a structured action plan would be the differentiator in helping restore the situation back to classes as usual- most likely to the disappointment of students.


The scope of work needed to execute this project included:

  1. Complete emergency site inspection at facility in order to determine cause of standing water.
  2. Provide comprehensive project scope to client so quick decision could be made regarding repairs.
  3. Execute the necessary demolition to reveal source of leak.
  4. Repair leak, and take steps to prevent reoccurrence.
  5. Provide a written inspection and photo documentation of all completed work.

Challenges & Solutions

The constraints of the project that were overcome included:

  1. Determining the exact location where the leak originated.
    • Systematic inspection begins of possible leak culprits starting with area around bathroom countertop sinks.
    • Sinks are thoroughly inspected once demolition commenced.  On wall with evidence of standing water, technician makes a small cut out of the drywall to inspect the piping.  It is determined that the pipes are not the source of the leak.
    • Wood flooring is then targeted as area of leak source.  Wood planks are removed, and a clogged drainage system is discovered.
    • A plumber is dispatched to clean, rout, and repair the drain.
    • Technicians immediately return to replace wood flooring, repair drywall and repaint wall.


Because Resicom took a disciplined approach to systematically determine the source of the leak, demolition and subsequent repairs were minimized.  At Resicom we understand the frustrations clients experience when leaks disrupt the normal flow of a facility.  Resicom relies on not just our technical expertise, but our structured approach to get things back to normal.