TVs aren’t just for sports bars anymore.  Televisions at retailers and restaurants have become more prevalent for marketing display purposes.  A client wanted to change their current menu board visuals with 52”inch LCD televisions connected to the company intranet. updated daily from a remote location. The menu selection could then be updated daily from a remote location.

Scope of Work

1. Rewire electrical supply to locations where currently no outlets exist.

2.  Install new outlets.

3.  Mount televisions to wall, and provide internet wiring access from source.


The constraints of the project include:

  1. A power source was needed for the televisions where no outlet existed.
  2. Televisions needed internet access.
  3. Televisions had to be wall mounted.
  4. Client provided wrong size TV mounting bracket and work was performed after hours with no source to exchange materials.


  1. New outlets where routed and installed.
  2. Internet service was established in manager’s office and wired to the television sets.
  3. Onsite modifications were made to the bracket to accommodate.

This specialty project was unique because televisions had to be placed where easily visible for menu selection. Unfortunately, the ideal visual choice didn’t match with current power supply.  Although easily solved, the real challenge presented itself with mounting hardware that was the wrong size.  As the work was being performed overnight to limit disruption to guests, new hardware could not be sourced and the deadline met.  Effective project management and execution relies on individuals who can think outside the box to provide options for solutions.