Resicom believes in the bold pursuit of what normal should be.

It should be normal that the companies you hire make you better.

It should be normal that the people you bring into your organization strengthen your company.

This purpose breathes throughout the company and directs how we approach both client relationships and recruiting talented professionals.  This message needs to resonate in not only our actions, but also our strategic marketing goals.

Resicom is now actively recruiting marketing interns to help us expand projects as defined by our current marketing objectives.  The purpose of the internship program at Resicom is to provide an authentic work environment in the profession as an enhancement to the student’s academic instructions. Interested applicants should send letter of interest and resume to

A secondary journalism internship is also available to help with writing efforts for press releases, blog posts, and copywriting for support materials.

“Our expanded internship program is something about which we are very enthusiastic,” says Laurie Ledonne.  “Resicom is able to position students and recent graduates to gain valuable insight to not just our industry, but marketable business skills.  In turn, the students provide members of Resicom’s team the opportunity to strengthen their team leadership and project management skills, while offering fresh perspective to our marketing projects and materials.”