Information is key in an industry.
Here is a collection of easy to read explanations of topics relevant to facility maintenance professionals :
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Responding to Graffiti
Art or a nuisance? Graffiti happens. Here are some things you can do to prepare your facilities: The Graffiti Problem

An In-Depth Look at Paint Gloss
Don’t be a dullard. Glossed in Translation explains the science behind paint sheen.

A Guide to Plasters
Nothing says old world like plaster. This look into cementitious finishes offers options and insight into the finishes that date back to BC times. Let’s Get Plastered provides a summary of plaster types and characteristics.

How Colors are Perceived
Show your brand’s true colors. True Colors offers an explanation of paint colors and they way humans interpret them.

Volatile Organic Compounds’ Affects on the Planet
Change is happening all around us. The world of paint is no exception. There is a lot being done with paint manufacturing to reduce VOCs. VOCabulary is a summary of paint VOCs and why the government is restricting them.