No need to make a federal case, but we have case studies worth taking a look at. How does one overcome challenges and maintain brand excellence?  Snippets of challenges conquered can be found here.

Below are some of our case studies – please click the link to view the full case study :

Retrofitting without Sacrificing Integrity – How ADA Compliance Can Work for You
The unique characteristics and hints of nostalgia that set a theater apart rarely meet ADA compliance standards. Two for the Matinee demonstrates how requirements can be met without sacrificing brand integrity. 2 for the Matinee

Restoring Normalcy in the Face of Adversity – Leak Management
The damages incurred by leaks can be ongoing and wide ranging, hurting a multitude of aspects of your brand. After Hours Leak looks into a situation where the facility maintenance provider addressed the issue while maintaining the utmost in brand standards. After Hours Leak

Creating a Monthly Planned Maintenance Schedule to Keep Facilities Up to Standard
Retailers depend on planned maintenance to keep each facility’s appearance up to standard, thereby protecting the overall brand. In Around the Country in 28 Days, we explore how Resicom performed a wide array of multi-trade overnight projects for 110 stores across 12 states.  Around the Country In 28 Days

How Simply Changing a Battery Can Save a Facility Hundreds of Dollars
Negligence results in loss. Whether financial or productivity oriented, failing to stay on-point with operations risks costly damages down the road. It Keeps Going and Going tells the story of how our planned maintenance approach protected a client against costly repairs. Battery Replacement

Devising Facility Solutions to Maintain Storefront Appearances
A potential customer’s perception of your brand can be instantly skewed by a storefront’s appearance. Addressing the issue accordingly can prevent the risk from spiraling out of control. This, however, isn’t always as easy as it sounds. In The Beat goes “Awn” and “Awn”, the obstacles of distance and time are overcome to provide a client with the best options and an on-point solution. The Beat Goes On

Overcoming Time and Material Constraints to Address a Retrofit Plan that is Anything but Normal
No matter what obstacles bring forward, a priority is a priority, and the job must be done.  In Behind Door Number One, Resicom’s planning and execution shuts the door on a retrofit pain that is anything but normal. Behind Door Number 1

How a Facility Maintenance Provider Mediated Between Third Party Damage Claims
Facilities will experience water leaks. Often, however, responsible third parties like mall tenants and management don’t want to assume liability for the damages and repairs. Blame it On the Rain tells how the facility maintenance provider assured the proper source of the damage and the responsible party were identified. Blame It On the Rain

Dealing with Mold while Protecting the Brand
Mold is unsightly and unhealthy. It prevents a facility from operating under normal circumstances. Thus, addressing it is necessary, but doing so can be difficult. Breaking the Mold invites clients to experience how we dealt with the issue to restore normalcy. Breaking the Mold

When a Company Runs out of Floor Storage Space, why not Build Up Instead of Out?
A growing business is always bound to run into once unforeseen challenges. In Floor Space Reaches New Heights, the client needed to extend their storage space, and purchasing a new space wasn’t an option. This case study details a customized plan that optimized space in a cost effective manner. Building Out Mezzanine

Emergency Maintenance Diffuses a Leak’s Destruction
The most extreme of leaks don’t have to completely derail a vendor’s obligations to clients. In Floodzilla, we take a look at a situation where a pipe’s burst very easily could have ruined a bride’s big day. Luckily, the right emergency maintenance option was offered, saving the vendor’s reputation, spend and neck. Floodzilla

Creating Options when Specifications Don’t Match
A roll-out was ordered for four distinct properties, each of which was built by separate general contractors. When it came time for touchups, the specific paints didn’t match. This meant that the client had to repaint the store to the current spec because there was no way to figure out what material was previously used. Creating Options explains how we gave the client the necessary information for the right decision. Creating Options

How Preventative Maintenance Helped Drive a Client’s Focus
A sale’s outcome rests on a variety of details. Physical surroundings are in influential factor, affecting everything from a buyer’s attitude to decision. Difference is in the Details unveils how an effective preventative maintenance schedule was utilized by an auto dealership to maintain their brand’s image. Difference is in the Details

Replacing an Entire Tile Floor Without Closing Doors for Business
Maintaining an inviting appearance is essential for a competitive auto dealership. Floors are no exception to this, but making drastic changes to them requires a process that could be both disruptive and off-putting. Tile Trials explains how floor work was completed within a store’s operating hours. Tile Trials

Tailoring Procedures to Meet a Client’s Needs
Unexpected threats to a procedure shouldn’t risk a job’s completion. Not even when you have to move a 400 lb. bronze eagle without the proper hoist. The Eagle has Landed tells of a time where all obstacles were overcome to honor the promise made to the client. The Eagle Has Landed

Using Spray Equipment During Business Hours
A facility needed the exterior aluminum window mullions painted during normal business hours. Using traditional spray equipment would be too disruptive during business hours. It also risked a mess with overspray. Watch Out for the Spray demonstrates an effective solution for working within the confines. Watch out for the Spray

A Proactive Response to a Catastrophic Situation: Helping Homeowners React to a Flood
Torrential rain and flash flooding destroyed hundreds of homes in a Chicago suburb. Resicom took the destruction personally. Rain, Rain, Go Away… discusses a time when support was offered to help homes return to normalcy. Rain, Rain, Go Away…

An Effective Response to a Stolen Signature Storefront Letter
With storefront letters constantly being ripped off, retailers should address the issue with an effective long term solution. In Give Me an A!, a more secure option that upheld aesthetics was presented. Give Me an A

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