Core Values

Our core values guide how we go about our business. They are weaved into our processes, reviews and the way we conduct ourselves daily. Since everyone agrees to work within our values, they become the neutral filter to discuss challenges through, making feedback much easier to provide.

Honor the Promise. Are your actions justified or are you justifying your actions? We need to meet our promises. Each person on our team is expected to make our company better. That’s why we hire them.

Communicate Clearly and Courageously. If falling short of expectations shakes the foundation of confidence, handling the fall forthrightly cements it. Our people are expected to communicate clearly and courageously. These forthright discussions remove the anchors that typically hold people back from finding success.

Commit to Development. Our investment to the intentional development of our people increases the value of our biggest asset – our team. Training and development is a way of life for Resicom. Opportunities for learning and growing are embraced and sought out like buried treasures. Our training programs are designed to boost independence and interdependence.

Innovate to the Industry. Innovation disrupts the status quo. Adoption of these changes requires practice, and this practice needs patience. A successful team risks stagnation when it doesn’t continually strive for improvement. Self reflection and collaboration are the key components of this value.

 – Bold pursuit of what normal should be.™