Successful brand protection and facility maintenance requires defined accountability.

Accountability is critical in effective maintenance programs. To function well, the vendor must be empowered with the understanding of what the client is and sometimes, more importantly, what they are not. This requires an on-going learning, dialogue and feedback.

The first step is where you teach us your brand, its goals and standards and define what success looks like.

Establish the Ideal Experience. By creating an ideal experience outline, we know how to teach our team. This will impact the way we communicate with your office, interact with your store personnel and limit our visibility to your clients.

Create a Scorecard. Having everyone understand what is expected of them creates an outline for training and a plan for success. This is scalable. It shows weighting of importance, providing invaluable insight to the technicians.

Organized reviews. Much like employee reviews, we look to establish a rhythm to reviewing the process and our performance. Some of the components of successful reviews include specific, actionable feedback, reviewing key projects and brainstorming about possible opportunities for improved brand protection.

knowledge bank

Becoming a trusted resource for our clients requires a sound understanding of their goals, constraints, and tendencies.
By actively training our team, we develop our greatest assets.

the art of facilites maintenance

We believe there are two main perspectives that require
blending to make brands better. They are brand-level
thinking and store-level thinking.