The Resicom management approach is simple – we need to protect the company and nurture it to grow. Everything funnels through these two things. Our approach to personnel, training, business processes, client and service development all work towards creating opportunities while protecting the company. Our differentiators are: Accountability, Communication and Structure. These work internally and externally.

An internal example of our differentiators in motion are our Business Insight Group Meetings (BIG Meetings). These are focus groups, consisting of people across all disciplines of our company that meet regularly to learn, build relationships and solve challenges. The group acts as a “brain trust” that focuses on each personʼs challenge, encourages interaction between members and creates improvement and new service initiatives.

An external example of all three of our differentiators working as one is our knowledge bank. We believe it should be normal for a company to gain experience, deposit it into a central hub, then use it the next time a similar project arises. We call this the Knowledge Bank. It speeds up our productivity while increasing consistency, helping us separate ourselves from our competition.

Our approach to management is question based. Many companies focus on answers. We believe the “right” answers are not sustainable, but that the right questions are. So we work on developing questions that empower and encourage thought, fostering creativity across all levels of the organization.

Resicom is actively implementing its plans to grow, while protecting itself, by developing future leaders, investing in R&D, incubating companies and reviewing acquisition of established companies.