“Catastrophe” is defined as an event causing unexpected and sudden damage. Torrential rain and flash flooding destroyed hundreds of homes in a suburb of Chicago after a summer storm. For Resicom, the destruction was personal. Employees had family members living and affected in the area.  Resicom took it upon itself to react quickly to the situation, providing emergency generator service to neighbors, and offering both emotional and practical support to help restore homes and return normalcy.  

Scope of Work

  • Completely remove all damaged materials.
  • Assess repair scope to basement and first floor areas.  
  • Reinstall drywall, plumbing, flooring, and electrical configurations.
  • Use preventative and mold resistant measures and materials in case of repeat water damage.
  • Plan and install new kitchen cabinetry and layout design.
  • Ensure compliance standards and documentation are in order according to civic regulations.



Project constraints included:   

  1. Ensuring a respectful sensitivity when dealing with the homeowners’ emotional distress. 
  2. Simultaneous multi-trade focus.
  3. Removal of water damaged and molded materials.
  4. Prepare for any future flood damage or leakages
  5. Make first floor and basement livable quickly so clients can return to their homes.



  1. Provide understanding and support to clients when discussing how to restore their normal. 
  2. Created detailed timeline to ensure the most efficient and expedient delivery to  enable clients to return to their homes.
  3. Materials including mold resistant drywall and spray insulation were used to reduce or limit mold damage in case of another flood or leak. 
  4. Consulted homeowners on options for layout concerning new kitchen cabinetry, and flooring.


Resicom responded quickly to the flood situation.  We were onsite immediately aid and assistance.  Later when approached to participate in reconstruction projects, we provided a sensitivity to the homeowners’ situation along with expert consultation.  Proper materials such as mold resistant spray insulation and drywall were used to provide peace of mind in case of future floods. Resicom not only reacted to the problem but also used a proactive approach in order to restore normal.