Project Overview

Purchasing a shiny, new car is an exciting event.  A dealership wanted to highlight that memorable moment when the keys are turned over to the new buyer by having it occur in a special area.  The client requested the conversion of an extra mechanic bay in the service area into the new car preparation / presentation area.  Resicom’s role in the transformation was to create a new “personal” showroom.

Scope of the Work

  1. Assess current bay area, noting electrical, build-out, storage and flooring needs.
  2. Determine accessibility to presentation room without having to enter service area.
  3. Build out new interior walls and install interior windows visible to hallway.
  4. Install additional electrical lighting so room reflects brightness, comparable jewelry store showcase lighting.
  5. Utilize additional vertical space by creating mezzanine storage level.

Challenges and Solutions

  1. The flooring presented a unique, aesthetic problem.
  • A decorative epoxy was poured over the concrete that had a unique pebble affect.
  1. The concrete of the maintenance bay while visually unappealing was a requirement so that cars could be repeatedly driven in and out of the room.
  • While contemporary and attractive, the floor maintained the strength needed to support weight of cars.


An elegant restaurant is chosen for an engagement proposal because the surroundings compliment the occasion itself.  So why should a new car be presented in a dingy service garage or in the middle of a dealership parking lot?  Resicom’s client saw the importance of creating a distinct and appropriate space for such an event.  Resicom was able to springboard the client’s idea into options for lighting, access, decorative walls and flooring and even storage.