What do you do when your brand becomes such an icon that people literally steal the  sign right off the wall?

Project Summary

A national retail client has their signature storefront letters positioned within reaching distance on the mall wall.  These letters are secured with 2’’ spacers that protrude out of the wall. Unfortunately, letters are being consistently ripped off (literally and figuratively) from the walls by teenagers damaging the storefront branding.  The client requested Resicom’s assistance in not just repairing the missing letters at various locations, but more importantly creating a solution to secure the letters against theft while preserving the aesthetics.


The scope of work needed to execute this project included:

1. Find solution to secure storefront mounted letters to deter theft and vandalism.

2. Work within mall limitations and parameters since project scope is storefront inside mall.

3. Provide verification to corporate headquarters that project has been executed according to standards.

Challenges & Solutions

We understood that the execution of this emergency situation would require ingenuity and innovation.  Our office based project manager took advantage of our mock retail facility space to engage in systematic trials to secure the letters.  The results and options were then relayed to the client, and the chosen solution was provided in a project scope to the technicians performing the labor.

The constraints of the project that were overcome included:

  1. Work needs to be done after or before mall hours to minimize customer disruption.
    • The Preventative maintenance was scheduled for overnight after-hours with the mall operations manager.
    • Our technicians arrived prior to store closing to introduce themselves to staff and security, and then briefs everyone on the general project scope.
  2. Improved attachment of storefront letters must be consistent with current aesthetics.
    • Technician evaluates whether damage exists on wall where letters have been pulled off, and makes necessary painting and patching repairs.
    • Technician removes existing spacers off of the posts on the back of the letters using an allen key.
    • Once the spacers have been removed, technician applies a clear silicone bead to the back of each letter.
    • Using the existing wall holes for alignment, the technician adheres letters flush to wall.
  3. Work needs to be completed within 1 week of receiving project.
    • Verification photos (before and after) and detailed project compliance information is sent to client as soon as work is completed prior to deadline.


Resicom was able to draw upon each of our differentiators.  Our commitment to innovation provided the outlet to devise imaginative trial and error methods to solve this challenge.  We leveraged our communication and technology, providing the client with exacting information as requested.  Our structure supported the disciplined and experienced technicians and project management ready to tackle the challenge.  No matter the emergency, Resicom relishes the opportunity to tackle challenges with creativity to restore our client’s normalcy.