A retail client has high-quality, expensive furniture on a storefront porch.  The chairs needed to be secured to prevent shifting that not only disrupts the overall visual display, but also scratches and damages the floor.  Securing the expensive chairs in their proper location will also deter theft.  



The scope of work needed to execute the project includes:


  1. Secure the furniture to the wood flooring.
  2. Design a solution that meet’s the clients needs to be both visually appealing and cost effective.  
  3. Complete 30 stores in 30 days once solution is determined and approved.
  4. Each store has a set budget of 850 dollars. 



The constraints of the project include:


  1. Devising a restraint system for the furniture that is neither a tripping hazard nor visible. 
  2. Scheduling 30 stores in 30 consecutive days, and factoring travel timelines as stores are located throughout the country.
  3. Work must be completed overnight to minimize disruption to customers and staff. 
  4. Target budget of $850 per store can not be exceeded. 
  5. The product determined to secure the furniture is currently backordered.



In order to make this project a success, Resicom needed to not only execute the required maintenance, but first devise the creative solution to solve the client’s fixture challenge.

Our solution to this project included:


  1. Installation of metal pegs into the legs of the chair and ottoman which are then anchored into the floor to prevent the chair from sliding and scraping.  
  2. Once installed inside the chair legs, pegs are no longer visible.  
  3. A tether is installed to help prevent theft.
  4. A two man crew is scheduled to travel to all 30 stores assembled to travel the country to complete assembly.
  5. Resicom contacted the parts supplier and arranged a pre-payment agreement to expedite prompt production and delivery.



Resicom was able to draw upon our team to develop a creative solution, and then field test a series of possibilities in our training/lab center to then provide thorough information so the client could choose the option that best fit their needs.  Resicom relies upon our method of standard, process, audit to compile the necessary information, process, and then communicated that knowledge into options.  Finding innovative solutions helps return normalcy (a level of confidence that challenges are being managed smartly) to our clients.