How can an asset capture be provided for almost 200 locations in 2 weeks?

With national ADA regulation changes set to become effective in March 2011, a retailer needed a comprehensive asset capture of individual stores. The retailer needed the consulting information delivered for over 170 stores in a 2 weeks time frame.

Scope of the Work

  1. Schedule 174 locations where asset capture will be conducted.
  2. Provide detailed survey of individual locations, including specified areas and finishes.
  3. Review location according to checklist.
  4. Supplement documentation with 60 specific photos.

The constraints of the project included:

  1. Large amount of photos needed bogged down email and internet capacity.
  2. Coordination of multiple locations in compressed time span.

Our solution to this project included:

  1. Incorporate cloud-based project management sheet accessible to client for photo viewing and real-time updates.
  2. Cloud-based calendar was implemented for the coordination of multiple teams at multiple locations.

The retailer was provided with a robust account of the condition of each location in order for concerns to be addressed.   The capture became verified information to assist in smarter budgeting and repair scheduling decisions.