Luxury retail stores are a destination. They promise their customers an exclusive shopping experience so full attention is given to meeting their customer’s needs  This mindset becomes a habit as their company adopts it the way they think and operate. This extends to the facility maintenance and departments as well. Since we are an extension of their team, we must adopt this same mindset. Going above and beyond must become the standard way we work with luxury retailers.

Provide Concierge Service

Luxury retailers cater to the needs of their customers. The customer understands few companies can provide the level of service they are willing to pay for and they are loyal to the retailers that can do it consistently. It is a privilege to work with them.

The situations faced by luxury retailers are wide ranging and may not be understood by the masses. This is why we need to view ourselves as being in the retail business, not the construction business. Luxury retailers requires an open mind, organized creativity, and an absolute obsession of putting their needs first.

Become Invisible to the Store

We cannot disrupt the shopper’s experience. We are here to preserve and improve it, not detract from it. Therefore we need to operate in a way that makes us invisible. Completing work during specific windows of time and after-hours, waiting until customers are out of the store before making noise when possible, and keeping our work areas clean and safe help us accomplish this.

Our appearance and how we behave in the store all are influenced by our goal to be unnoticeable. Keeping the shopper’s experience at the forefront of how we deliver our services is critical

Be An Extension of the Team

It is vital for us to learn and understand the way our client’s facility teams view their stores and become their eyes, ears, and mouthpiece. There is a certain shopping experience promised. The retailer has certain brand elements that help create their desired atmosphere in the store. Noticing and reporting items that are out of brand standard, keeping a store manager informed, and listening to the store personnel’s concerns are all part of the service we provide. Each time we are in a location, we must act as an extension of their team.