Verified data supports smarter decisions. Store and facility maintenance teams are expected to aggressively protect their brand, despite lacking visibility within each store. Imagine what’s possible when your decisions are based on verified information…

A boutique or luxury retailer sells upper price point items and needs to maintain a pampered shopping experience for their clients. Each location needs to stay in compliance while not disrupting the
client experience. Better project plans are developed, scheduled, and executed with an intimate understanding of each location.

Familiarity with Locations
Learning their stores nuances to make smarter decisions.

  1. Photo and video tours of store to better engage Facility Departments when making decisions.
  2. Verified information of each location’s key unique brand elements.
  3. Verified information of each location’s repeating maintenance items.

Adding Value
Proactive brand compliance to derive more value from the store visit.

  1. Qualitative review of work orders completed in the prior three months.
  2. Completed store inspection, looking for damaged and/or no other operating as intended items.