Accomplish more with less through effective life cycle management. Protecting a brand requires intimate knowledge of brand elements and fleet. Consider the impact you could make with accurate forecasting and enhanced value engineering…

A mature retailer wanted to improve their life cycle management. They needed to better understand their assets and the state of their fleet to synchronize their spending, value engineer their elements and better forecast their budget needs. Smarter decisions are the result of gathering, analyzing and acting upon key data points.

Familiarity with Assets
Learning their asset nuances to make smarter decisions.

  1. Time stamped photos of most commonly repaired items and the most expensive to repair items.
  2. Provide condition report of fixtures, flooring, walls and ceilings, supported with photos.
  3. Create database to store and compare assets versus its peer.

Actionable Information
Proactive brand compliance.

  1. Qualitative review of work orders completed in the prior three months.
  2. Completed store inspection, looking for damaged and /or no other operating as intended items.
  3. Provide a proposal of bundled services proposal to bring items into compliance cost effectively.