Intelligence can be gathered on a shoestring budget. Store and facility maintenance teams are expected to do more with less. There are creative ways of gathering key data points. Imagine your impact when you can can get two things done at once…

A retailer had a slashed budget and needed a couple of data point to help plan a future rollout. Since they did not have money to spend on gathering this necessary data, they needed an effective system to gather this data without incurring a trip to the store.
Relationships will brand-centric vendors coupled with a generous time frame foster cost effective solutions.

Limiting Costs of Gathering Data Smarter Spending:

  1. Created an online database with all locations listed. Single source of truth.
  2. Created information gathering checklist while completing general repair work orders at each location.
  3. Took information from checklist and populated the database while avoiding a communication mess.
  4. Created a plan for the locations that did not have a project arise during the time period, eliminating information holes.
  5. Expanded into a dynamic set of data by having new quarterly goals of information collection. This system gets better with age.