Facilities Departments can make their brand better.

Our services for Brand Protection:
On-Demand or Reactive Maintenance: This is where we fix things as they break. These projects are unplanned.

  1. Leak management
  2. General safety and vandalism repairs
  3. Finish repairs – storefront, walls, ceiling, flooring – painting, flooring and decorative finishes
  4. Brand element repairs – fixtures, props and marketing

Planned/Preventative Maintenance (PM)  
These projects typically bundle multiple trades services helping clients extend life cycles and/or maintain their designed appearance while driving down per item costs.

  1. Multi-trade preventative maintenance program development
  2. Life cycle extension
  3. Bundled On-Demand maintenance item inspection and repair – safety, finish, and brand elements
  4. Data Capture

Capital Expenditures: These are typically one time, individual renovation projects.

  1. ADA compliance retrofits and remodels
  2. Full scale remodeling
  3. Store closings

Rollouts / Special Projects: Tend to be planned and help companies update items/fixtures/color schemes, etc. They help keep the brand relevant and/or functioning more effectively and in brand or ADA compliance. These projects often involve differentiating brand elements, fixtures and finishes.

  1. Refreshes and Recolors
  2. Brand element change-outs and retrofits
  3. Specialty trade projects – electrostatic painting, decorative plaster and anti-graffiti coatings

ConsultingDeveloping and teaching a brand’s Standard of Care is often the most critical component in building an overall strategic plan for a Facilities Department.  It provides verified information to help retailers make smarter spending decisions.  A pro-active approach to maintenance leading to overall reduction in facility repairs and maintenance costs.

  1. Data Capture – location specific information
  2. “Building Brand Experts” training
  3. ADA compliance audits
  4. Bundled and preventative maintenance program development
  5. “Request for Proposal” development